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High Performance Incubator

We help people who have to sell complex products and services to upgrade their skills and behaviour in order to succeed.

We help them to cross the ‘Value Divide’, the gap where on one hand the potential customer needs help from a trusted advisor to help them make a valuable decision, but on the other they don’t see engaging with a sales person as a valuable experience.

The High Performance Incubator delivers results. It creates the environment for sustained skills development and behaviour change that a simple training programme can’t deliver. The Performance Incubator provides a distinctive shared learning experience for ambitious professionals and a platform for accelerated performance.

It’s getting tougher and tougher to sell complex products and services. Potential customers resist engaging with sellers, and when they do only 1 in 8 feel that the sales-person understood their needs. As a result, fewer and fewer sales people are able to hit their targets (57% miss their quota – and this figure is falling).

Yet 88% of customers say they bought from trusted advisers. They need help to choose the products and services that best meet their needs. But sellers who have been trained in conventional selling skills and technical product expertise struggle to identify need and articulate the value they can deliver.

The divide exists due to a gap in the sales person’s skills and behaviour – the inability to engage in with the right potential customer, in the right way and at the right time to identify and articulate value.

This isn’t a gap that can be closed by training alone. On the one hand, knowing that you should be doing something isn’t doing it. On the other, 84% of sales training is lost after 90 days.

The ‘Value Divide’ can only be closed when the sales person is able to tailor their approach win the trust of their target customer to uncover the value they seek. Only then can they use their product expertise to act as the trusted advisor the customer wants.

This requires a change in behaviour – application and practice of new skills and techniques.

The HPI is built on our expertise in transforming sales performance and embraces research into teaching and learning experiences to create a distinctive shared learning experience for financial services professionals.

The conventional approach to the development of sales skills is flawed – 84% of the knowledge communicated in sales training is lost within 90 days.

Research shows us that people are more inclined to learn new skills and identify ways to improve our situation in groups rather than isolation.

The HPI embodies a Secure Environment, Focus on Expert Skills and Objective Feedback.

It is built around regular interactive group learning events with pre-event and post-event assignments focused on relevant self-learning activities. It is ‘light-touch’ – respecting the reality that extended time is needed to upgrade ingrained habits and behaviours, but without disrupting delegates selling time. Delegates invest around 3-5 hours per month.

Elements of the HPI Programme

01 Positioning

Articulate your own distinctive narrative to differentiate yourself in the mind of your target client. Do this in a way that pulls them towards you as a source of advice.

Evolve beyond transactional positioning to become someone your clients want to work with. Connect with their situation, reinforcing the transformational value you bring to them

02 Trust First

Clients overwhelmingly buy from trusted advisors (88%) and so your journey starts in the first 15 seconds of engaging. Use a series of learnable skills to build their trust in you and your intent.

Gain superior insight into your client’s situation so you quickly ‘inhabit’ their world, able to anticipate and proactively add value to their journey.

03 Plan to Succeed

Your time is your most important resource so embedding work smarter habits is critical to accelerated success. Become an expert performer of the habits that drive progression through each stage of your development.

Build confidence, invest time doing the right things in the right way at the right time.

04 Extend

Progressing beyond initial foundations demands mastery of a series of additional skills which smooth the transition to building an extended client base.  Acquire expertise progressively

Extend your influence and connect with and consistently attract new clients with confidence.

05 Expand

Accelerate your development, refine your skills and activities to achieve your business and personal goals.

Improve wallet share, win rates and retention as you master critical skills and refine those activities which best serve your goals.

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