Don’t Transmit. VaultConnect

Security and Compliance without compromising productivity and customer experience.

Increased requirements for data privacy and security creates challenges for processes where personal, sensitive or financial information has to be shared / exchanged. Smarter Processes mitigate the risks without negative impacts on cost, productivity or client convenience.

Share Documents Securely. Simply

SafeShare – securely share files with anyone inside and outside your company.

Create a Vault, securely upload files and invite the people who need to see them. In seconds.

No fuss, no risk and no reliance on ‘Shadow IT’ or Consumer-Grade Cloud File Sharing Services like Dropbox.



Secure and Compliant Processes

Cut out the risk, stop the inconvenience and carry on with confidence.

We help you establish the right sharing policies, implement the processes that comply with them and support them with technology that makes regular, repeated sharing of information secure.

Delivered ‘as a service’ makes it simple for users, minimises disruption and allows business to continue safely and securely.


Automate / Integrate Security and Compliance

Embed trust and security into the systems and processes that underpin your organisation.

Work Smarter where sharing / exchanging documents containing personal or financial information is fundamental to the operation.

Automate and integrate workflows to optimise security, productivity and improve client convenience.


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