Let’s talk about a

Fresh Approach

Reducing cost, increasing capacity and creating flexibility

using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

15-20x Faster

Increase Capacity and Productivity

24/7 Availability

Round the Clock Reliability

100% Accuracy

Robots don’t make mistakes

Immediate ROI

Reduce Cost and Regain Control

Our Difference

We’d like to talk about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how our approach can help you meet operational challenges in your organisation – and deliver results FAST.

Unlike technology change initiatives you may be all too familiar with, our Fresh Approach to RPA makes it easy to release your people from time-consuming and mundane repetitive tasks:

  • It involves no change to existing systems or technology
  • Deployment takes days and weeks
  • Is risk free – involving no up-front investment, making returns available immediately

I’d like to help you assess it’s possible value to you and your business. You have my assurance that at every stage we will provide objective evidence that stands up to validation to put you in control.

Steve Edge | Director

Removing Barriers to Progress

Big business is investing billions in RPA technology and their spend is growing at 20% / year.

Research recently undertaken by McKinsey & Co found that 30% of working hours in a modern office are spent on activities that can be automated using readily available technology1.   Carrying out these tasks manually is constraining productivity, creating cost and compromising speed / quality.

The barrier is investment budget, time to diagnose, develop and implement – as well as the scarcity of development resource.

The OPTSM Fresh Approach removes these barriers so that results are delivered fast and at no risk to organisations of any size.

Releasing cost / capacity and creating flexibility and control is made possible by a ‘pay for the work the robot does’ model that generates ROI immediately.

What Can a Robot Do For You?


Enhance Service Levels

creating capacity in the Help Hub

Reduce Costs & Increase Accuracy

Automating Accounts Payable

Work Faster & Remove Risk

Streamlining monthly billing

Increase Sales Productivity

Creating more time for selling

Automate mundane, repetitive tasks

Our Approach to automation is accessible to every organisation who have valuable man-hours tied up on repetitive, manual tasks.

RPA is ideally suited to those back-office tasks in Finance, HR, Logistics, Customer Support that follow set procedures – e.g. Reconciliation, Journal Entries, Payroll, New Client Take-on (the examples are endless).

Software robots are highly efficient and ideal for those activities that are based on inputs to and connections with admin systems – e.g. ERP software, HR software, CRM software, email, MS Excel, etc.

Replicating human tasks that are inputting data, opening applications and following rule-based instructions is where RPA thrives.

What can RPA do?

Making it Simple

Fast-start, no up-front cost, predictable results – and control

The Fresh Approach to RPA is different – there’s no investment needed in software or infrastructure, no up-front consultancy costs and no need to change existing systems.

We help you find the opportunities in your processes and help you make the business case. You pay nothing unless you see a benefit in going ahead.

Once we’ve trained the robot and proved the job can be done, you only for the work the robot does – ‘Process-based-pricing’. This means that you can realise the benefits immediately.

Your monthly price covers execution, maintenance and support. This keeps you in complete control. And if something unexpected happens with your process volume (e.g. you have a spike in demand) we can adapt to help you absorb it.

The Benefits of a Fresh Approach

Our Fresh Approach to RPA is faster, more flexible and involves less risk than traditional technology projects.

‘Process-as-a-Service’ for a fixed monthly fee means that you only pay for the work the robot does.

Allowing you to release benefits back to the business immediately – and scale fast!

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