Unlocking Potential in Business Operations

Delivering efficiencies, creating capacity and increasing productivity through process optimisation and the application of smart technologies.

Our Approach creates sustainable improvements in days and weeks by tackling unnecessary manual – “Person-o-Matic” – processes, addressing unbuilt or broken user journeys and powering profitable decision-making by harnessing operational data.

Smarter Processes deliver efficiency, capacity and enable businesses to better service the needs of customers.

Our Approach, our access to smart technology and our delivery models allow us to release Productivity Lock without the barrier of technology investment and overheads of development and change resource.

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Smarter Digital Journeys improve productivity and enhance user and customer satisfaction.

Our Approach, coupled with smart technology, increases speed of delivery, reduces cost and avoids invasive change to existing software applications.   It stimulates innovation and enables the delivery of compelling online user experiences.

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Smarter Business Decisions create opportunity and deliver increased profitability.

We help clients to harness their operational data and business information to generate the insights that stimulate profitable decision-making.   Our application of smart technology transforms planning, forecasting and reporting from a labour-intensive and historical exercise to real-time, interactive and future-focused.

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Smarter Technologies enable businesses to overcome the IT Barrier, avoid Transformation Stalemate and release Productivity Lock.

Robotic Process Automation, No / Low Code development tools and Advanced Analytics / AI – along with OPTSM’s flexible delivery models – make it possible for clients to change fast, adapt to dynamic conditions and overcome scarcity of development resource, time and budget.

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The OPTSM Approach

Our Action for Results methodology is founded on 3 principles; Minimise Risk, Release Immediate Benefit and Scale Rapidly.

It releases Productivity Lock and overcomes the IT Barrier and Transformation Stalemate.

The Action for Results methodology can work in parallel with existing transformation initiatives or as an initiator for long-term transformation and optimisation. The typical initial engagement utilising OPTSM approach is laid out below – find out more about the Action for Results methodology here>.


Mutual understanding of opportunity and credibility


OPTSM Potential Impact Report – establish Value at Stake


Road-Map and prioritise ‘first-steps’ to release immediate benefits


Deliver ‘first-steps’ initiatives, create momentum and realise benefits


Iterate and scale delivery to release full potential


Across the OPTSM team there is deep expertise in the application of emerging technologies to stimulate immediate benefit.

Robotic Process Automation, No / low-code development, Artificial Intelligence and advanced analytics – tools that all work with an organisation’s existing platforms – avoiding the need for costly, time consuming and risky IT change.

These smart technologies can be applied in days or weeks to create capacity, deliver efficiencies and improve customer experience. We call upon our years of experience to provide pragmatic advice, recommend the appropriate tools / technology and deliver optimal solutions.

Our expertise lies in business processes and business improvement – but we’re also entrepreneurs.

As Process Advisors, our role is to help clients to optimise their activities for increased value. This is reflected in our methodologies and the delivery models we provide through our technology partners.

Our goal is to align spend to immediate benefit wherever possible.

We have built the partnerships and relationships we have with technology providers carefully to deliver flexibility, agility and pragmatism.

This allows us deliver programmes of improvement using a mix of technologies and delivery models according to clients’ changing needs.

Better value from business processes often comes through the application of technology – but the principle of Working Smarter involves an understanding of strategy, engagement of people and alignment of processes to optimal outputs.

Enabling digital services and harnessing the power of emerging technologies is about action, understanding customers, creating a deep knowledge of users / user journeys and building a culture of continuous improvement.

Technology is only the enabler.