After a busy few weeks helping clients respond to the pressures of lock-down it has been good to reflect on some successful deployments with our friends and delivery partners at Cevitr.

The observations we discussed have resulted in a series of webinars that pick up on themes that are common to most of the organisations that we work with.

This series of webinars will each explore different scenarios and illustrate the opportunity for working smarter.   They will be fast-moving and light touch – focusing on real-life examples to provide actionable ideas for attendees to take away.

Who is it for?

Business, Operations and IT leaders who think creatively about improving their business situation.

They will recognise the challenges and see the advantages of the strategies that clients have employed.  The content and examples are particularly relevant for those who need to deliver results fast.

Webinar 1: What has the lock-down taught us about the risks and opportunities in our operations?

As attention moves to Exit Strategy, we look back at what we’ve learned from a month of Zoom calls, remote working and social distancing.

Getting things done in a crisis has revealed much about the way business operates and revealed a number of opportunities for smarter working.

We’re joined by Ramesh from Cevitr as we look at how these learnings can be acted on fast to create Smarter Operations – including real-life examples from the last month.

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Webinar 2: Cutting through the ‘Change Stack’ backlog

Analysis, business-case creation, development and implementation takes time.   With change resources at a premium, only the best cases make the grade – resulting in a queue of opportunities that could release cost, capacity and value.

Frustratingly, many have to wait for 6,12 or 18 months and others never reach the top of the stack as they sit behind other prioritised changes.

Using examples across multiple sectors,  we’ll chat with Ramesh and show how a new approach is helping organisations to accelerate returns from change, alleviate pressure on IT, Transformation and Operations teams and deliver increased agility.

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Webinar 3: Accelerating the Automation Opportunity whilst avoiding the pitfalls

In this webinar we’ll look at the claims made about Robotic Process Automation and compare different approaches to deployment.

Using our clients’ experience we’ll show that whilst the claims for ROI on RPA deployments are realistic, the approach to implementation has an enormous bearing the time it takes to realise them.

Ramesh from Cevitr will join us again and we’ll discuss how software vendors’ claims can be misleading and reveal how “low-cost, fast-start” can be achieved.

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Webinar 4: Smarter Operations and Releasing Productivity Lock

In the analysis we have drawn together in our report “Productivity Lock” we’ve shown that the value at stake for an organisation who can release Productivity Lock is equivalent to 20% of current back office costs.

We’ll talk through examples with Ramesh from Cevitr and discuss the symptoms and obvious signs of Productivity Lock.  We’ll also also show some of the associated hidden costs and missed opportunities.

We’ll look at why it exists and reveal how easily it can be released using real-life cases.   We’ll also show how quickly organisations who act on the opportunity are able to realise significant benefits – in many cases this is counted in weeks.

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