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Process Smarter. Optimise getting it done

Smarter processes should be accessible to every organisation.

Our solutions help people to get more done, faster, better and at reduced cost – without the barrier of technology investment and the overhead of development and change resources.


Traditional approaches to process automation require scale (and time) to achieve benefit, meaning they typically focus at macro process level.

Robotic Process Automation and No-Code / Low-Code development tools overcome barriers of cost and time. This creates the opportunity to release efficiency, capacity and unlock human potential fast.

Start small, generate benefits fast and scale quickly. Create capacity, cost savings and flexibility.


Robotic Process Automation and Low / No-code technologies create enormous opportunity to transform back-office productivity.

However, access to technology and expert resource to deploy it remains a barrier for many.

Our ‘Fresh Approach’ removes the barrier, providing access to the technology on a “pay for the work it does” basis. It can be deployed in days – all the benefits of outsource or temporary resource, but whilst retaining complete control.

Automation Enablement

RPA technology and Low / No-code development tools allow for digital transformation at scale.

The OPTSM Automation Enablement service enables clients to build their capability without the barrier of up-front technology investment and recruitment of expert resource.

Our methodologies and expertise enables you to create an Automation ‘Centre of Excellence’ at pace – enabling your business to exploit the capabilities rapidly and embed the knowledge as you scale.

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