More than just a methodology

Our approach is founded on 3 principles; Minimise Risk, Release Immediate Benefit and Scale Rapidly.

We are not restricted by codified methodology – instead we solve challenges using a pragmatic mindset and a commitment to commerciality.

Application of our approach releases Productivity Lock and overcomes the IT Barrier and Transformation Stalemate.

Whether the objective is long-term business transformation or delivering immediate-term savings / capacity / user experience, all OPTSM engagements start the same way. The Action for Results approach reduces risk and accelerates realisation of benefits. By creating early, dependable success it:

  • Creates Momentum and informs long term direction
  • Creates internal engagement
  • Creates capacity for change through early release of cost / resource

The Action for Results approach can work in parallel with existing transformation initiatives or as an initiator of longer term change.

Elements of our Approach

01 Validate & Align

It starts with mutual understanding. True to our belief that creating value comes from action not from slide-decks and road-maps, there’s no cost commitment and minimal time commitment required from the client.

The OPTSM Potential Impact Report (PIR) is a workshop-based discovery that identifies the Value at Stake from manual low-value tasks (Person-o-Matic processes) and broken / unbuilt digital journeys.

02 Create Capacity for Change

A deeper dive into priority areas identified in the Potential Impact Report leads to a ‘First Steps’ plan.

Each activity on the ‘First Steps’ plan is evaluated for feasibility and cost and a benefits case is presented.

If the benefits case is compelling, work starts. First Steps initiatives that automate manual process can be delivered in days to weeks. As our preferred commercial model typically aligns pay-as-you-go cost to the results delivered, benefits can be released immediately.

03 Unlock Value

Delivery of First Steps initiatives creates immediate commercial benefit in the form of efficiency savings, increased capacity or reduced latency.

First Steps initiatives also stimulate learning and engagement internally as stakeholders and staff understand the ‘art of the possible’ with smart technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and No / Low-code development tools.

Realising the benefits, harnessing learnings and process insights creates momentum for informed change.

04 Optimise for Scale

The benefits realised and momentum created builds a platform for larger scale change.

Viewing activities at Operating Model level typically starts to reveal additional opportunity for further benefits by optimising processes and digital journeys – as well as economies of scale from the enabling smart technologies.

Analysis and planning can build an ‘Informed’ target Operating Model along with a strategy for supporting technology and iterative delivery – without months of workshops and with the engagement of the internal team.

05 Smart Transformation

Iterative delivery of the ‘Informed’ Operating Model releases benefits faster and maintains momentum.

Smart technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and No / Low-Code development tools can bridge the gap where legacy systems require longer-term CAPEX funded change.

OPTSM leadership or support for the programme embeds best-practice and supports Programme Management and Governance.