OPTSM for Smarter Solutions

We understand that organisations of all sizes need results quickly. Our passion is bringing through simple, effective solutions that unlock human potential and make great commercial sense. Smarter Solutions

We specialise in connecting people and systems within and between collaborating parties. Enabling users to focus on adding value, in simple to use, secure and engaging solutions.

Our offer does not require organisations to disrupt how they work. Rather we build onto what works,  extending value and effecting change quickly.

Our solutions deliver returns in line with investments – no big up front payments, delivery times measured in days and weeks We help you tackle your most pressing challenges quickly;

About Our Impact

Is founded on three principles; Minimise Risk, Release Immediate Benefit and Scale Rapidly. It release Productivity Lock, overcomes the IT Barrier and Transformation Stalement


About Our Leadership

By understanding the pressing challenges of the markets we serve, by gaining pragmatic experience in deploying smarter technology, OPTSM brings distinctive solutions to market.

OPTSM is a proponent of Collaborative Advantage as a alternative way to develop commercial opportunities. We work with collaborators in a common purpose, to create opportunities that engage participation through partnership.

Our collaborative advantages comes from our partnerships with

Steve Edge

Co-Founder and Director

It extends to delivery collaborations with leading providers in our target markets including:

As well as leading providers of smarter technology Technology Partners

About Our Solutions