Accountancy Sector – Client Service Challenge
Client Self service, reduce tasks, extend brand asset

The Challenge
A leading regional accountancy practice based in East Cheshire wanted to extend the
secure way they were communicating with clients by enabling client self service. Clients
need to sign documents and the process to do this was expensive and time consuming4

The Solution
Extending the secure sharing capability into a firm branded, self service portal enhanced the
client experience and enabled them to sign documents in just a couple of clicks.
Administration tasks and postage costs were eliminated with a simple signature ready
document production process. Automatic notifications and a shared view of available
documents through the portal further reduced administration tasks

The Value
A sector leading client experience sets our client apart. Their clients access all available
information from a single place and complete requested actions in a couple of clicks. Lag
time reduction, postage and storage cost elimination and significant reduction in admin time.