Legal Sector – Case Management Challenge
spanAvoid disruption, reduce tasks, create digital journeys

The Challenge
A leading Manchester Law firm had evolved a manually intensive, error prone process to on
board clients and process payments. It relied on various systems including Quill, HooYou
and Sharepoint. There was an interoperability problem

The Solution
Needed to quickly provide visibility to users and partners, eliminate errors and free up
capacity from manual tasks. By leveraging Toca’s ability to connect, a digital wrapper was
created around the legacy systems, transforming the user journey. Accurate and timely
information was made available to all

The Value
The users were freed up from admin tasks (reduced by 36%) to focus on higher value tasks.
Partners and compliance staff had access to information on demand and were less
disrupted. The speed of compliance and other processes contributed to an overall reduction
of 50% to deliver a case