Medical Sector – Information Distribution Challenge
Distribute highly sensitive information to multiple third parties safely

The Challenge
As a provider of services to various employers, our client had responsibility for high volumes
and highly sensitive information which had to be made available to multiple third parties.
Security (fraud) and compliance (GDPR) considerations required a way to securely
distribute, at scale and without overwhelming a small administration team

The Solution
A simple, highly secure vault which contained information organised in a familiar folder /
subfolder structure was quickly designed and deployed. It enabled granular access control
so that different third parties were only able to see the information relevant to their purpose.
Automatic notification ensure that everyone was kept to date and able to act promptly

The Value
Tasks are eliminated as the required information is uploaded to the appropriate folder and
the relevant parties are automatically notified. Upload from third parties ensures that all
information is in one place. Security and compliance are assured, file size is not a constraint.