Procurement Sector – Fraud & Visibility
Single source of truth, task reduction and fraud elimination

The Challenge
As an SME working within a wider supply chain, the administration challenge on our client
was significant. High volumes of information, received typically on email needed to be
managed in a timely way. The opportunity for human error was high and the consequences
of such error significant

The Solution
A simple way to share commercially sensitive and critical information with third parties who
needed access to different aspects of the whole. Using a configurable and familiar folder
structure, multiple parties were able to upload and access volumes of information, confident
that it was up to date. Bank details of the multiple suppliers who were paid on invoice were
secured with supplier only edit control – making the AP job simple and eliminating the
opportunity for man in the middle fraud

The Value
Significant saving in time to transmit, store and retrieve information. Reduced volumes of
supplier queries. Increased confidence in data quality accelerated completion of tasks.
FRaud and compliance risk eliminated