Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Increase business productivity by automating the mundane manual processes that create cost, delays and constrain human potential.

Robotic Process Automation tackles person-o-matic tasks that ties down human resources. The repetitive “fingers on keyboards” / “eyes on twin screens” work without the need to make changes to existing systems.

It can be deployed in days and release benefits fast.

With RPA, the ‘robot – or digital workmate’ interacts with software applications in the front-end – in the same way as a human user. But the difference is stark – robots can execute tasks typically 10-20x faster, non-stop and around the clock. The robot can meet strict security standards as no processed data is retained.

RPA can augment human users in processes where traditional technology approaches fail. By automating process steps, humans can work faster and more accurately. Our Micro-Automation approach helps clients to accelerate complex processes with no change to the applications in use.

Deployed ‘as a service’, RPA can work in a similar way to outsourcing – but faster, less expensive and delivering a higher degree of operational control.



Micro-Outsourcing – A Fresh Approach to RPA