Powering Profitable Decision-Making

Strategic decisions need data. But business information is rarely in a form that is easy to collect, collate, present and – most importantly – understand.

Smarter technologies take the pain out of gathering and delivering actionable insights. Advanced analytics and AI overcomes the barriers of complexity:

  • Complexity of systems – data for key business drivers exists across multiple software applications.
  • Complexity of business model – product data, resource data, sales / marketing information.

Our Approach helps clients to identify the areas of their business and operation where lack of access to actionable insight creates blockages, risk and missed opportunity. OPTSM’s expertise in deployment of smarter technologies such as RPA, advanced analytics and AI helps businesses to tackle complexity head-on without making changes to existing operational systems.

We help business leaders release the time spent on spreadsheets and reallocate it to improving their operations and creating plans that deliver a better future.

Smarter Planning and Forecasting

  • Reduce reliance on spreadsheets
  • Automate collection, consolidation and presentation of information
  • Create a ‘single version of the truth’ to create consistency, speed and productivity
  • Simplify model-building and driver-based forecasting
  • Enable dynamic forecasting
  • Enable ‘speed of thought’ scenario planning

Smarter Business Intelligence

  • Unify financial and operational data
  • Unlock real-time / near-time reporting
  • Provide intuitive dashboards for users of all skill levels
  • Enable drill-down and analysis for business users