Cyber Loss Prevention Forum | Open Webinar

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This month the Cyber Loss Prevention Forum takes a look at the online scams that target business, why we fall for them and strategies to prevent loss.

91% of cyber attacks start with an email and we continue to fall for it. UK Business losses to email fraud have more than doubled in the last financial year and attacks are on the increase.

15 January 2019 at 11am.

The webinar is free to attend – Access the On Demand Recording Here>

In this live online discussion we’re delighted to be joined by:

Miles Seecharan from Next Action Associates. As a management consultant helping business leaders deal with email more productively he will help us to think differently about processing email to be both efficient and secure.

Richard Higginbotham from VaultConnect – who will discuss the anatomy of an email scam, the strategies that fraudsters use to deceive us and how to avoid getting stung.

Paul Kirkpatrick from HRC Law – who joins us to look at the steps businesses should put in place to prevent loss. His work in helping clients to recover money after they’ve been hit by online fraud provides numerous pointers how to prevent a loss in the first place.

As with all Cyber Loss Prevention Forum events, the webinar is aimed at business leaders and owners and aims to cut through the ‘tech-speak’ and provide practical and pragmatic insights.