Unify / Integrate Customer and User Journeys

Business processes and the ‘back office’ exist to get things done for an organisation and its customers. An organisation’s success is founded on the efficiency and effectiveness of its people, processes and technology.

A prime contributing factor to Productivity Lock and the existence of Person-o-Matic tasks are software applications that are not integrated.

The resulting broken user journeys create cost, inefficiency and present missed opportunities.

The OPTSM Action for Results approach identifies the activities that result from lack of integration and presents options for rapid resolution. It identifies the benefits that could be achieved from process re-engineering to achieve cost savings, capacity increases or product / service value.

Harnessing the capabilities of emerging technologies – such as Low / No-Code development tools – it is possible to create, scale and maintain either new user interfaces or underlying integration without the need for costly, time-consuming change to legacy software.