Automation Enablement

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Automation Enablement

The OPTSM Automation Enablement service enables clients to build a no-overheads task-force to deploy, scale, run and manage automation company-wide.

RPA and Low-Code / No-Code applications allow for digital transformation at scale. The speed at which automation can be deployed and benefits released creates momentum and engagement. This stimulates the identification of more opportunities and wider operating model optimisation – which requires management, collaboration and governance.

In large organisations that have launched programmes of transformation, an automation Centre of Excellence (CoE) takes responsibility for an effective deployment process, opportunity / benefits management and roll-out across the wider operation.

OPTSM can provide the resources, methodologies and expertise to provide Automation Centre of Excellence as a Service. Equally, we can work with clients to build their own Centre of Excellence (or even provide a hybrid approach – allowing clients to take greater control over time).

The CoE takes care of company-wide automation growth from top to bottom. Your experts will build a detailed view of the ‘person-o-matic’ tasks where humans can be liberated from monotony for higher value tasks. They will also identify broken customer / user journeys or missed opportunities where faster or smoother journeys can be created by unifying / integrating applications. This is then translated into business cases and a prioritised programme for execution.

Provision / sourcing of the right RPA or Low / No-code development tools for the tasks (with cost of deployment aligned to benefits released).

Identifying candidate processes, assessment of benefit, prioritisation, deployment and ongoing change governance

Managing delivery and providing standards and methodology to ensure process automation delivers both performance and planned benefits

Process automation typically delivers insight into the wider operating model. Ongoing optimisation and innovation delivers higher level process enhancement and benefits


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