We’re talking about helping clients to break free of Productivity Lock – releasing the 30% of their back-office costs.   Helping clients to make better use of the 3 hours / day that half of UK employees say they are wasting due to inefficient systems.

We help them work smarter by reducing the time that their people spend doing mundane, repetitive tasks.   This releases skills and knowledge for higher value activities – as well as reducing risk, increasing quality and saving money.

How do we do it?

We unlock value using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) – or digital workmates.  Digital workmates are software robots that access systems in the same way that a human user would. (we call ours Jo).   No need for system development, no coding – just the same access controls as a human user.

The difference is in the delivery model – Micro-Outsourcing

Our model differs from the traditional approach to delivering RPA which involves investment in software, infrastructure, developers, business analysts and project managers long before any real work gets done.

Instead, thanks to secure cloud technologies and our onboarding process, we can employ a digital workmate (Jo) to complete a specific task – meaning you only have to pay for what Jo does.

This is a pay-per-process model – micro-outsourcing.  If the robot / digital workmate can release resource for higher value activity or reduce cost then it can be deployed (or employed) for a monthly fee.  Realising benefits immediately without up-front investment in technology, infrastructure or changes to existing systems.

Making it simple

Employing Jo is simple.  We help you identify the right tasks that deliver you the most benefit.  We analyse those tasks and provide you with a straightforward business case there and then.  In keeping with our desire to keep things simple, this work takes no more than a couple of hours and there is no charge – meaning no risk to you.

If there is a compelling case to employ Jo, the analysis we carry out becomes Jo’s work instruction and training pack.  Training Jo typically takes 2-4 weeks – then after sitting some tests in a controlled environment to demonstrate full competency (to your defined standards) Jo is ready to go.   Even testing is straightforward – requiring just hours rather than days and days of time.

Increase Capacity, Speed and Flexibility

Once live, if changes or enhancements to the process are necessary then Jo can be quickly retrained, tested and put back to work – no fuss, no drama.

Jo can work any time – day, night or weekend – and typically costs less than a human to carry out the same activity.   That means no more backlogs, growing pains or bottlenecks.  Jo is a robot, meaning Jo always does the task the same way – no more costly mistakes.   Better still, Jo carries out activities typically 10-20x  faster than a human – which irons out spikes in workload and creates capacity.

We reduce the time your people spend working ‘dumb’ on mundane, repetitive tasks so that they can work smart.  In this way we unlock sustained organisational value across all business functions.

Smarter Processes in Action

Example 1: Capturing Inbound Service Requests

Example 2: Pricing and Quote Generation in B2B Sales Call Centre