Smarter Practice, Brighter Future | Webinar for Accounting Firms

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The latest Smarter Practice, Brighter Future event examines the opportunity for those practices who can create capacity within their operating model.

As we discussed in our first event “Productivity Gaps and Missed Opportunity” the typical small to medium accounting firm is missing a £10,000 per billable employee contribution to the bottom line.

Tackling productivity and process efficiency doesn’t just close this gap.  It releases resource for higher value activity – shifting towards the role of business adviser and offering value added services to clients.

We’re delighted to be joined on this Open Webinar by Alan Hyams of MRW Corporate Solutions and Ramesh Menon of Cevitr.  We will:

  • Examine the fixed fee dead-end and Compliance Lock
  • Discuss why accounting firms are uniquely placed to advise clients but so few are exploiting the opportunity
  • Look at what has to change for accounting firms to move forward
  • Overcome the “but change hurts…” objection. It needn’t
  • Lay out a simple journey that starts with easy first steps
  • Discuss making friends with technology without having to be a techie
  • Look at how the structure of the traditional firm might change as it transforms from operating as transactional do-ers to indispensable partners