Cyber Loss Prevention Forum | Open Webinar

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The latest Cyber Loss Prevention Forum event takes a look at The State of Cyber Security, the measures businesses do and don’t put in place and the risks that they face.

The Institute of Directors reported in January that the average cost of a cyber-attack rose by over 500% in 2018 and the cost to the UK economy is rising all the time.

We’re delighted to be joined on this Open Webinar by IT Lab, who published their research “The State of Cyber Security” in January 2019.

The research, run jointly with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, examined the views, experiences and approaches to protecting against cyber crime of North West businesses.

In this Open Webinar we discuss the findings and the implications, including:

  • Are businesses assigning the right level of priority and focus to the threat of cyber fraud and cyber attack?
  • Do business leaders fully understand the threats to their business?
  • Is the threat of attack relevant to all businesses?
  • Are directors, business owners and professionals taking the appropriate measures to counter emerging threats?
  • Are North West businesses incurring unnecessary costs of protection or is there a balanced approach to cyber risk?