Cyber Loss Prevention Forum | Open Webinar

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The latest Cyber Loss Prevention Forum event takes a look at the biggest risk to your security and the favourite target of cyber criminals – your people.

An Effective Strategy to deal with the emerging threats to your business from cyber attack is not all about technology.

Few business disasters deliver legal, financial and reputational damage quicker than a breach of your organisation’s cyber security.

But it comes as a surprise to many that most victims of cyber crime were not defeated by highly skilled computer programmers, but simply staff handing over sensitive information to the wrong people.

The Cyber Loss Prevention Forum are delighted to be joined this month by Nick Holden from Nexus Protect. Nick will help us to understand:

  • Why humans are the weak link in your cyber security strategy
  • How hackers and fraudsters exploit the weakness
  • The consequences of a ‘technology only’ approach
  • The elements of an effective security strategy
  • Executing an effective, balanced approach to countering current and emerging threats